What is Spokeo and How Do I Remove My Information?

If you have performed a Google or Bing search of your name, you may have noticed a website called Spokeo has popped up. If you’ve investigated further, you are well aware that your personal information is available for purchase on their site. That’s right. People can actually pay to have access to your address, phone number, email address, names of family members and other information. So what is Spokeo and how do they have your personal information? Spokeo is one of many people search engines that exist who profit off of selling your personal information to anyone who is willing to purchase it. They aggregate information about you through both online and offline sources.


The first question you may be asking is ‘Is this legal?’ Unfortunately, yes. People search engines like Spokeo gather your personal information from public records, social networks, directories such as White Pages, and other websites and 3rd parties. Spokeo does not guarantee that the information they have on each individual is necessarily accurate since the information is aggregated from a variety of sources. For example, when you enter personal information


After initially finding this out, most people are shocked, confused, and angry – and rightfully so. This means that anyone could easily find out where you live or get ahold of your phone number and other personal information. This is especially true for business owners. How awkward would it be to have upset customers calling your personal phone, or worse, writing a letter to your home address? If you are ready to protect yourself and your personal information, you may be wondering “How do I remove my information from Spokeo?” It’s actually easier than you might think.


So how do you remove information from Spokeo? Spokeo does have an opt-out procedure that you can do so your information will no longer appear on the site. To access the Spokeo opt out page, visit:




On the opt-out page, the first thing you will have to enter is the actual Spokeo link that leads to your information. To find this link, visit Spokeo.com and enter your full name. Next, select your state and city. Once you find your listing, copy and paste the link onto the first line. In the next line, Spokeo asks you to enter your email address so they can send you a confirmation email once your listing has been removed. Finally, enter the captcha code and press remove this listing. Spokeo takes around 48 hours to completely remove your listing.


Keep in mind that though your information is removed from Spokeo, your personal information may still appear on other people search engine sites.

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